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Build a 6-figure keynote speaking career in 2 years or less!

Learn the secrets of becoming a highly-paid keynote speaker from someone who’s actually DOING it.

I get asked about my career all the time. It’s a great gig! My dream came true. I speak at about 30 corporate events each year at some of the most exotic destinations on the planet. It’s fun and exciting, and it affords me an incredible lifestyle.

But the truth is that it took much longer than it should have. I struggled for years.

After about 5 years, I finally started to figure it out. I realized what was required for me to get booked by corporate event planners. That’s what this course is about. It’s a blueprint for you to start from scratch and build a $100,000+ speaking career in 24 months or less.

It’s not a small course. There are 16 modules and over 10 hours of content. Please don’t buy this program if you’re not willing to invest real time and money into this career. If you’re serious, this will be the best money you ever spent. I guarantee it.

I’ve included a detailed account of the topics covered below. Please scroll through the description before buying this program. I want you to know exactly what you’re getting before making a decision.

Module #1: What is Keynote Speaking?


Patrick Schwerdtfeger’s Background

Platform Speaking Defined

Examples of Platform Speakers

Platform Speaking Income Potential

Keynote Speaking Defined

Examples of Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaking Income Potential

Keynote Speaking Career Perks

Size of the Keynote Speaking Business

The Primary Challenge for Speakers

The Formula for Keynote Success

Homework for Module #1

Module #2: Meet the Players


Speakers Bureaus and Speakers Agents

Speakers Bureau Commission Structure

How Speakers Bureaus Operate

How Speakers Agents Operate

Association Management Companies (AMCs)

Corporate Meeting and Event Planners

Building a List of Meeting Planners

Public Relations (PR) Agencies

Corporate Employees (VPs and Assistants)Primary Outsourcing Platforms

Tips for Outsourcing Projects

Homework for Module #2

Module #3: 4 Speaking “Circuits”


Speaking “Circuits” Defined

Free Circuit Defined

Cheap Circuit Defined

Pro Circuit Defined

Gigs Per Year: My Own Numbers

Celebrity Circuit Defined

Marketing Strategy: Picking a Circuit

Client Communication Distinctions

Homework for Module #3

Module #4: Keynote Programs (what you sell)


Primary Keynote Speaking Topics

Types of Speakers

Keynote Categories

Corporate Positioning

How to Leverage Your Story

Stories Sell: How to Maximize Effectiveness

Keynote Template: The Structure of a Keynote

The Surprising Truth: The Highlight of Your Speech

The Importance of Titles & Descriptions

Examples of Good and Bad Speech Titles

Increasing Relevance with Take-Aways

Value Transfer Questions Defined

How to Guarantee a Powerful Close

Speech Tips for Professional Speakers

The Benefits of Joining Toastmasters

How to Seed Referrals During Your Speech

Homework for Module #4

Module #5: Marketing Collateral


Cool Effects for Speaker Photographs

Tips for Getting Good Photographs

Tips for Designing Speaker One-Sheets

Tips for Creating Speaker One-Sheets

My Own Speaker One-Sheet from 2011

Tips for Designing Postcards

My Own Postcard Design from 2015

Tips for Leveraging Printed Collateral

Tips on Custom Envelopes

Initial Thoughts on Highlight Videos

Media Kits: What to Include

Other Important Documents

“Bureau Friendly” Marketing Defined

Meeting Planners: Most Important Things

Homework for Module #5

Module #6: Keynote Highlight Video / Demo Reel


Planning the Perfect Made-for-Media Event

Venue Requirements (Stage Backdrop, Lighting)

Audience Requirements (Seating Configuration)

Audio Requirements (Lavaliere and Audience)

Video Requirements (Cameras, Placement and File Formats)

Speech Requirements (Stories, Laughter and Message)

Elements of Credibility for Keynote Speakers

Securing a TEDx Speaking Opportunity

Live Keynote Mastery Event in Las Vegas

How to Create a Killer Video on a Tight Budget

Examples of Impressive Speaker Highlight Videos

Homework for Module #6

Module #7: Websites and Blogs


Recommendations for Building a Website

Essential Content Elements

More Elements of Credibility

How to Effectively Target Keywords

SEO Factors (Google Panda) for your Website

The Advantages of Blogging

Advice on Publishing Content Regularly

Tips on Repurposing Your Existing Content

Homework for Module #7

Module #8: Online ‘Expert’ Branding


Multiple Touch Points: The Rule of Seven

More Advice on Targeting Keywords

How to Demonstrate Your Expertise in the Public Domain

Unlimited Content: Interview Other Experts

Tips for Creating an Audio Podcast

Tips for Recording Good Videos

How to get Mentions in Respected Media Outlets

How to Conduct Your Own Proprietary Research

Recommendations for Hosting Your Own Events

Recommendations for Effective Blogging

Mindset: Add Permanence to Everything You Do

Homework for Module #8

Module #9: Social Media


Content Filters Defined

How to Identify Buyers Online

Facebook Marketing Recommendations

LinkedIn Marketing Recommendations

YouTube Marketing Recommendations

Recommendations on Starting a Video Blog

Twitter Marketing Recommendations

Periscope Marketing Recommendations

Instagram & Pinterest Marketing Recommendations

Social Media Tools and Platforms

Homework for Module #9

Module #10: Keynote Marketing


Leverage Google Alerts to Find Speaking Engagements

Tips for using Google Alerts

How to Identify Conferences to Target

Tips for Creating Lists Quickly

Building a Database of Conferences

Free Circuit Marketing

Cheap Circuit Marketing

Pro Circuit Marketing

Celebrity Circuit Marketing

Hudson Airport Bookstores

The Speaker Syndicate

Homework for Module #10

Module #11: Fee Negotiation


Speaking Fees: Standard Ranges

How to Structure Your Speaking Fees

The Inherent Dilemma of Email Inquiries

Recommended Email Sequence

Negotiations Tips for Keynote Speakers

Perks to Request when Necessary

Perks to Offer when Necessary

Tips for Payment Processing

Homework for Module #11

Module #12: Eliminating Distractions


The Speaker Contradiction

Metaphor: The Visiting Diplomat

The Cold, Hard Truth: People are Cruel

My Own Distractions and Flaws

Common Speaker Distractions

Research on Height

Research on Appearance

Research on Weight

Obese Stereotypes

Comments on Weight

Research on Accents

Comments on Accents

Dress for Success

Examples of Stylish People

Top Speaker Mistakes

Event Tips for Keynote Speakers

Homework for Module #12

Module #13: Become an Author


Comments on Becoming an Author

How to Pick Your Topic Strategically

How to Create a Book Outline

Tips for Writing the Manuscript

The Reality of the Book Business

Who Reads Non-Fiction Books?

Kindle Book Publishing

Self-Publishing Advice

Traditional Publishing Advice

Hybrid Publishing Advice

Homework for Module #13

Module #14: Book Marketing


Traditional Book Marketing Strategies

Recommendations on Getting Amazon Reviews

Recommendations on Book Give-Aways

How to Promote Your Give-Away

Primary Online Book Reader Communities

Pay-to-Play Book Marketing Options

Calculating the Lifetime Value of Your Readers

Hudson Airport Bookstores (Repeat)Examples of Hudson Bookstore Authors

Tips for Creating a Book Trailer Video

Homework for Module #14

Module #15: Success Mindset


Introducing the “Growth Mindset”

Taking Personal Responsibility of Your Life

Comments of Managing Anxiety

The Cause of Anxiety & Depression

The Science of Meditation

Tips for Practicing Meditation

The Science of Visualization

Tips for Practicing Visualization

The Law of Attraction (LOA)

Intentional Immersion Defined

Developing an Entitlement Mentality

Brute Force: the Key to Success

Homework for Module #15

Module #16: “Desiderata”


Desiderata: words to live by!