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I was picked up at 5:30 AM to see the Taj Mahal at dawn. The locals get in for 20 rupees. It cost me 750! That's the way it is in India. The rich tourists pay more for everything. But 750 rupees is still only about $15 and it was well worth that price to see!

My hosts bought a $900 bottle of wine for us to enjoy at a fancy restaurant on the top floor of this luxury shopping mall, all while incredibly poor people and animals walked along the streets outside. India has a very stark division between rich and poor.

This should give you an idea of daily life in India. The drive from New Delhi to Agra was about five hours and these were some of the villages we passed along the way.

Many of the Sikh Temples have large kitchens that make free food for people in need. This place had a HUGE kitchen operation, making food for hundreds of people each day.

This was my guide in New Delhi. He was awesome. In this video, he's showing me around a popular new shopping mall that was still under constructions but already attracting many locals for food and shopping.

"Old Delhi" is an incredible neighborhood within New Delhi, the capital of India. I got a rickshaw ride through the crowded narrow streets. It was an incredible experience. It was at least 100 degrees outside and the place was bustling.