EARN $300 - $500 For Giving Away my best-selling book

When was the last time you made
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Monday, Feb 1st 12:00 PM Pacific Time

The Launch

Join us for an awesome product launch that's sure to to be a hit.  Thousands of people want to learn how to become a Professional Keynote Speaker - Keynote Mastery is the answer.  

Keynote Mastery

The Book

This one-of-a-kind, Amazon  5-star book walks you through Patrick's "rags-to-riches" journey of becoming one of the world's most sought after keynote speakers.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Internationally-renowned  Keynote Speaker

Master of the craft, Patrick has created a system that any aspiring keynote speaker can plug into and get success.

The Keynote Mastery Program

The Keynote Mastery Program is a 16-module Mastery-Level program designed to guide any aspiring speaker, author or coach though the journey of becoming a highly paid Keynote Speaker. Keynote Mastery is unique in that isn't for platform selling and it's not designed to teach you "how to speak" (there are a ton of products on the market for those). The Keynote Mastery Program is a step-by-step program that will create a lucrative 6-figure+ business of getting PAID to speak.  

The Keynote Mastery Program Launches in:



This launch isn't for everyone.  So, let's work together to help make this as successful as possible.

Obviously, the people who will benefit the most is speakers. However, book authors are a great audience who will respond because most authors want to be speakers.  

Another not so obvious market is consultants.  Consultants get a lot of their business from speaking, but it's not guaranteed.  Most consultants want to know how to get in front of decision makers of large companies to get consulting gigs, but also how get paid to speak.

So if you have access to this audience, this will be a perfect JV opportunity.

Who this is NOT for:
People who want to learn how to 'sell from the stage"
Business opportunityseekers / internet marketing

Join Us For This Exclusive JV Opportunity

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