Get PAID to Speak!

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If you have ever wanted an inside look at what it takes to become a professional speaker, this is the book for you. Keynote Mastery is the most transparent account ever written about that journey. Patrick Schwerdtfeger welcomes you into his life, recounting the struggles and hard-earned victories he experienced while building his career as a fulltime, professional keynote speaker. You will learn how you can:

    • Get paid $10,000 or more for a 60-minute keynote
    • Travel to the most exotic destinations on the planet
    • Validate your expertise and attract consulting clients
    • Avoid the mistakes that most aspiring speakers make

Patrick originally thought he needed an indisputable victory before he could become a professional speaker. He was wrong. Over an 8-year period, he’s headlined events in Dubai, Bangkok, New Delhi, Bogota and Moscow, among many others, as well as dozens 2 of 2 of cities across the United States and Canada. Keynote Mastery is more than a memoir or a how-to book. It’s an inspiring story of tenacity and triumph, full of lessons and insights for aspiring speakers and self-employed professionals alike. If your goal is to position yourself as an expert in your field, Keynote Mastery will accelerate your journey and energize your spirit.